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Ok, so, here's the deal: every person who has ever gone down on me tells me its the tastiest pussy they have ever had. While I would like to believe this, it simply smacks of bullshit. So basically, what I want to know - is this a load of crap that people feed to every women when they go down on? Or can I claim my title? *giggles*

Naughty girls - do men tell you this?
Naughty boys - fess up. Do you do it?

Please no offers to make the determination yourself, unless you are female. Those offers I will entertain ;)
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  • I say claim yer title! I wouldn't ever tell someone that if it wasn't true because I don't think it's something required by etiquette to say. I'd take it as a genuine remark.

    Course if yer cheating with some sort of MSG spray...

    • Well that gets to the root of the question - I know a lot of women have body issues/concerns over the way they smell/taste. Primarily younger women, but not limited to. Is this a line given to ease that concern perhaps?

      MSG spray - heh! Now thats damn funny.
  • Well first off I'll be the judge of that!!! LOL

    I have heard it MANY times that I have the sweetest tasting pussy around---now that does not mean I want to get into a match with you GLNG, as I am sure YOURS IS the sweetest ever ;)

    But I have to say of all of the pussies I have had on my tongue, a few do stick out as better than others....I am sure this has to do with level of attration to that person, cleanliness, food intake etc.

    The BEST I have had to date has to be this sexy asian hottie we have had out at our parties-----OMG is all I can say. I have told many she tastes like birthday cake, and no one has ever said I was not 100% accurate with that assesment.

    I know personally I'd never tell anyone they tasted great if they didn't--so in my oppinion GLNG I do believe you should wear that title with pride!

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    I've said "your pussy tastes good," or I love the way you taste," but it never occured to me to keep score.
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      I have been told a bunch of times that I have a wonderful tasting pussy..... and I have had some that taste fabulous and some that are so bad that I cannot get passed the smell..... And I have tasted of my juices from others and I can say that mine tastes better than some..***one of the benefits of being a squirter***
  • I think we need a taste test. I voluteer to judge. Good, Jodie and Beca all say they are the best tasting. Lets find out. I'm sure other ladies would like to compete and I know there will be no lack of potential jdges.

    Gentlemen (and lady judges), start your tongues
    • Pulling up a chair and cleaning the sinuses. I vow to be unbiased through and through, the only caveat I have is that I may need a few trials during the finalists to make sure that my decision is accurate.
      • none of us would want to be wrong, so a format that eliminates a few contestants a a time with multiple rounds for those who remain in is the only fair way.

        Oh the things we're willing to do for fairness. My tongue will tire, but I'll persevere.
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          as long as I have fluids to rehydrate with I can go all night and day......
          • We'll make sure there is plenty of water. Any other requests?
            • I'll step up as a judge!!!
              • would LUV to be a judge as well....I wont vote on myself of course ;)
                • I don't know Jodie - contestant and judge at the same time

                  Could you be fair?

                  Should the judges all be blindfolded? Wouldn't want a particularly nice looking labia t sway the judge.

                  Just taste, and of course mouth feel - the last part sounds soooooo good.

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                    I'm not really interested in a contest. I more wanted to start a discussion. But you girls have fun ;)
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                    oh blindfold me I'll be impartial I swear ;)
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                      sounds fun !!!
                      • I have been told this on occassion. One of my "friends" in particular has a taste for my pussy on a regular. Can't blame him though. Love the way I taste (yes I have tasted myself...why not?)

                        But on the flip side....there are some really tasty men out there too!
                        • I dont ever use that word "ever" in regards to how tasty a pussy is. There are just too many factors involved. Is she ovulating? How soon before or after her monthly is it? What has her diet been recently?

                          Sometimes a great tasting pussy gets totally ruined by a woman when she feels insecure about it and sprays it with perfume. I mean, damn that pussy would be awesome if it didnt taste like some factory-flower I dont like!

                          If I am dating a woman and her pussy is indeed consistantly great... *then* I may use that 'ever' word. Thing is that 5 different pussies may all be wonderful, yet all have different qualities of sweetness.
                          name 5 favorite foods or desserts, and think on how one isnt really better than the other, just different! Thats why you cant have a "best pussy" contest.
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    "Naughty boys - fess up. Do you do it?"

    Yes, I do it. If I'm licking yours, or anyone else's, at the moment it is the sweetest pussy ever. I love licking pussy. Really, almost all pussy tastes sweet so usually I'm just telling a little white lie if I say it is the sweetest, but in your case, I think yours will taste the sweetest, but I am willing to participate in any taste test you'd enjoy.
    • I never lie, if it isn't particularly tasty, I simply stop and move on. But I have had a few. The tastiest I ever had, I didn't have to say anything. She had to tell me to fuck her because I wouldn't stop. I believe that should be the measuring stick ladies. Us men are constantly trying to tell you what you want to hear. Listen to your mothers, actions speak loader than words.
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    I've been told by a few that my pussy tastes oh so good...I think that it's a nice thing to hear...and maybe it tastes good (well...I know it does *blushblush*...)..but...I think most women taste long as they don't try to mask their natural smell and taste with feminine hygene products or perfumes (have you ever tasted perfume...yuck).

    On the man side: OMG...yes! I have tasted men that litterally have made me wanna yack...and then there were those few...that tasted incredibly amazing... I wonder if it was their diet... then again...I tend to love the taste of men that I love...really really love...not just anyone...that emotional thing kicks in for me...

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