Naughty Girls

moderated - created 02/12/05
It's Naughty time!! A tribe for naughty girls. Go ahead....kiss and tell, frolic, post some pics, discuss, meet, and talk dirty. You know you want to!

Fine print: When sending a request to be added to the tribe, you should have a filled out profile, and a few friends. If you are male, your request will be declined. This tribe doesn't need any more lurkers. Please participate! There is a topic entitled **INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE** please use it when you join the tribe. Also, feel free to dig through the old threads and revive any of the topics. A fresh perspective is always appreciated! Personal ads will only be allowed in the listings section, other ON TOPIC advertisements will be permitted at moderators discretion but will generally be deleted after the event. If you spam my tribe, troll, are rude, don't play nice, or otherwise piss me off, I will boot you. This is your only warning.

Now show me the naughty!

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